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Fundamental Courses
Member $400.00
Non-Member $500.00

Biosolids Management Bundle

The Biosolids Management series is designed for Water Resource Recovery Facilities interested in effective biosolids practices and prepared to undertake an EMS-based certification program.
residuals & biosolids
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Biosolids Today: Understanding – and Communicating – the State of the Science

This webinar explores the challenges presented by emerging contaminants and other constituents in biosolids, the latest research on those parameters, and current research findings with respect to the benefits of biosolids use.
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Business Case for Action

I/I - How Much Is OK?
Drive for Replacement, Rehabilitation
Use of Specific Tools Such as Flow Monitoring
Job Skills Courses
Member $199.00
Non-Member $249.00

Business Ethics in the 21st Century

This course is designed for adult learners interested in gaining an overview of business ethics.
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Can You Trust Your TSS To Improve Process Control?

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) testing is required for both National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit compliance and for many different wastewater treatment process control tests.
laboratory practices
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Case Histories on the Use of Peracetic Acid

PAA has a long shelf life, and therefore, can be applied in a number of applications where traditional disinfection approaches might be challenged. Data will be presented during the webcast on the effectiveness of this disinfection approach.
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Co-Digestion of Organic Wastes at Wastewater Treatment Plants

The webcast covers co-digestion drivers; potential feedstocks; waste receiving and handling; and process background, design, and case studies.
co-digestion Municipal
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Coliform Analytical Methods and Data Application in Wastewater and Recreational Waters

This webcast will cover the three most common analytical techniques used for coliform analysis and the key components of aseptic technique, a key component of all of coliform analyses.
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Coliphage Analyses for Wastewater and Recreational Waters: Update on Methods and Regulations

This webinar will provide a structured update to the previous offerings by the WEFLPC and the APHL organization on the efforts to integrate bacteriophage testing into regulations for municipalities and agencies responsible for water, wastewater, shellfish harvesting, and recreational water quality.
laboratory practices webcast
Accelerated Courses
Member $64.00
Non-Member $80.00

Collection System Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Performance Assessment: A Systematic Approach

This course covers the benefits of sequential approach to sewer evaluation and rehabilitation, discusses facilitating process efficiency and effectiveness, overviews New Castle County (DE) demonstrated I/I removal, and discusses how the Kansas City (MO) approach evolves with evolving technology.
collection systems & wet weather asset management

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