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Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Death by Nutrients: Toxicity of Ammonia and Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Events

When we think of nitrogen in the context of toxicity, we have historically been concerned with direct toxicity of ammonia to aquatic organisms. Ammonia toxicity continues to be an issue of emerging concern in the U.S.
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Deep Dive into Dry Media Systems

Regardless if you’re an odor control novice or expert, this webcast aims to inform and spark conversation in the industry on this ever-evolving treatment technology.
Accelerated Courses
Member $32.00
Non-Member $40.00

Design and Operation of Tertiary Membrane Plants

This course will focus on several key issues related to the development and management of large tertiary membrane plants. Three separate plants will be used to explore design issues, startup issues, and the operational benefits associated with tertiary membrane facilities.
Online Course
Member $99.00
Non-Member $149.00

Designing Successful Stormwater Facilities with Maintenance and Enforcement in Mind

Learn how facility type, location, design, and approach can impact the overall success of today's most widely implemented stormwater facilities from the people who work every day to keep them up and running.
Fundamental Courses
Member $48.00
Non-Member $60.00

Disinfection Fundamentals

This online course covers Chapter 10 of WEF’s new line of training for the operator of the future, Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals. This online course is eligible for .85 CEUs (8.5 contact hours).
wastewater treatment
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Drive On: Exploring the Highlights of the Reuse Roadmap

This webcast will provide participants with an overview of the Water Reuse Roadmap as well as a “taste” of some of the key topics that can be found in Roadmap.
Job Skills Courses
Member $113.00
Non-Member $125.00

Effective Business Writing

This course is designed for adult learners with a foundational knowledge of writing and grammar.
Archived Webcasts
Member N/A
Non-Member $40.00

Effective Marketing & Communication Strategies for High Quality Biosolids

Two well-known biosolids marketing experts will also provide webinar viewers with lessons they have learned during their experience marketing both Class A /EQ and Class B biosolids products.
Job Skills Courses
Member $71.00
Non-Member $79.00

Effective Negotiations

This course is intended for adults seeking to improve their negotiating skills.
Job Skills Courses
Member $113.00
Non-Member $125.00

Effective Presentations

This course is designed for adult learners with a basic understanding of and experience with PowerPoint.

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