Co-Digestion of Organic Wastes at Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Direct addition of high-strength organic wastes to municipal wastewater anaerobic digesters, often referred to as co-digestion, is part of a growing trend of sustainable design practices in wastewater treatment. Removing FOG, industrial wastes, and restaurant wastes from the collection system and delivering them directly to an anaerobic process enhances beneficial outputs from these facilities. This webcast further elaborates on the topics discussed in the technical practice update (TPU) released in May 2010 on co-digestion. (Visit to access the document.) The focus is on design and analysis on co-digestion programs. The webcast covers co-digestion drivers; potential feedstocks; waste receiving and handling; and process background, design, and case studies. A panel discussion follows the presentations.
  • Leon Downing, Freese and Nichols
  • Tim Shea, CH2M HILL
  • Greg Chung, Kennedy/Jenks
  • John Kabouris, CH2M HILL
  • Leon Downing, Freese and Nichols

Cooperating Organizations: This webcast was organized with the support of the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee (Leading Edge Outreach Subcommittee) and the Residuals & Biosolids Committee (Bioenergy Technology Subcommittee).