Basic Wastewater Treatment Series Part 3

Target Audience
"We could have the best designed wastewater treatment plants, built by the best contractor, with the absolute best equipment, but if we don't have well trained operators, process will fail.  We will not protect public health, and we will not protect the environment.  Therefore, all of us that are in the wastewater industry need to get as much training and education as possible, and especially the front line operators who are responsible for the day to day process control." -Jeanette Brown
    This is the third of four courses in the Basic Wastewater Treatment Series. This course focuses on solids processing. One of the things we always have to remember, is that if we do not process solids properly, if we do not get rid of the solids at the proper rate, our whole treatment process will fail. It's very important to understand the sources of solids, and how we treat them, and dispose of them. Specifically, this course covers:
    Solids Sources
    Properties and Rheology
    Final Disposal
    Jeanette Brown
    Senior Scientist
    Department of Chemical, Materials, and Biomolecular Engineering
    University of Connecticut
    The suggested number of CEUs for this course are 0.15, or 1.5 contact hours.
    A passing score of 70% or higher is needed to successfully complete this course for CEUs.