Basic Wastewater Treatment Series Course Bundle


This course bundle includes the Basic Wastewater Treatment Series Parts 1-4.

Part 1:
    This course provides an overview of wastewater treatment, and discusses key math and maintenance concepts.  Specifically, the course discusses:
    Unit Processes
    Permit Requirements
    Basic Mathematics and Relationships
    Maintenance Concepts

    Part 2:
      This course focuses on Unit Processes. Specifically the course covers:
      Preliminary Treatment
      Primary Sedimentation
      Secondary Treatment

      Part 3:
        This course focuses on solids processing. One of the things we always have to remember, is that if we do not process solids properly, if we do not get rid of the solids at the proper rate, our whole treatment process will fail. It's very important to understand the sources of solids, and how we treat them, and dispose of them. Specifically, this course covers:
        Solids Sources
        Properties and Rheology
        Final Disposal

        Part 4:
          This course focuses on biological nutrient removal. Specifically, this course covers:
          Water Quality Issues
          Nitrogen Removal
          Phosphorous Removal
          The suggested number of CEUs for this course are .4, or 4 contact hours.