WEF/ABC Biosolids Land Appliers' Online Guide to Preparing for the Class I Certification Examination


This interactive activity is adapted from the best-selling 2012 “WEF/ABC Biosolids Land Appliers' Guide to Preparing for the Certification Examination.” The online versions are broken down such that Class I review and Class II reviews are separate activities – so that you can focus on your skill level. This product is for the Class I skill level.

The two online activities accompany the Association of Boards of Certification’s (ABC’s) recently established Biosolids Land Appliers Certification Program as a means to assist individuals as they prepare for their certification exam. It includes sample questions for the seven core competencies of the Biosolids Land Appliers Class I and Class II skill levels. Each sample question references specific technical resources recommended by ABC. It lists requirements for certification, as well as formulas commonly used for land appliers including conversion factors and a detailed list of abbreviations and acronyms.

This online activity includes two formats of quizzes for each competency. One is a timed practice quiz with scoring at the end, so that you can replicate an actual exam situation. The other is an interactive quiz, which immediately lets you know if you got the question wrong, and allows you to retry immediately.

To learn more about the “WEF/ABC Biosolids Land Appliers Online Guide to Preparing for the Class II Certification Examination” please click here

This product is intended as a supplemental resource to preparation for a certification examination. It contains approximately 40 practice questions for each class, along with exam tips and tricks. If you have any questions, please contact onlinetraining@wef.org.

This product is a study guide to be completed at your own pace. CEUs/PDHs are not available for this product.