Biosolids Management Bundle

Module 101 provides a foundational understanding of what constitutes good biosolids management, the key outcomes, the building blocks or 17 elements of the program, and the development process, as well as lays the groundwork for the 201, 301, and 401 courses that provide more specific guidance in all phases of biosolids management.

Module 201 focuses on the management of system elements that define what you manage – the outcomes of the planning elements that set the course for the implementation and monitoring of biosolids efforts; continual improvement – the basis of successful biosolids management; the BMP Manual and Policy; and planning elements, such as critical control points, legal and other requirements, goals and objectives, and public participation.

Module 301 covers the “Do” portion of the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” framework.  During this stage of the Biosolids Management Program, the organization identifies the resources required to implement the program, and works with those members of the organization that are responsible for organization and control of implementation.  The module focuses on implementation elements, such as roles and responsibilities, training, communication, operational control of critical control points, emergency preparedness and response, and documentation and document control.

Module 401 covers measurement and corrective action, as well as management review as part of the Biosolids Management Program.  This training focuses on monitoring and measurement; nonconformance; management program reporting; internal BMP auditing; and management review.

CEUs and PDHs are not available for this course.  You will receive a certificate upon completion.

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