Advances in Water Quality Trading as a Flexible Compliance Tool

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Water quality trading is an innovative approach that offers greater flexibility and efficiency, and allows one source to meet its NPDES obligations by using pollutant reductions created by another source that may have lower pollution control costs while also creating greater benefit for water quality.
Trading examples include temperature: riparian restoration on private land that generates temperature credits; stormwater: improvements in offsite land best management practices (BMPs) that generate stormwater credits for urban developers; and nutrients: improvements in agricultural BMPs that generate nitrogen, phosphorus or sediment credits.

Measuring and tracking these trading actions with the same metrics allows us to embrace the “one water” concept. Sharing the successes and best management practices from water quality trading for stormwater offsets creates an alternative compliance solution for meeting new waste load allocations that is achievable, cost-effective and makes the watershed healthier.

Topics covered in this webinar are from the WEF publication Advances in Water Quality Trading as a Flexible Compliance Tool and include:

  • Water quality trading framework and examples
    • Point- and non-point-source trading
  • Future of water quality trading
    • Integrated water management
    • Stormwater offsets

• Charles Logue, Executive Director Production & Asset Management, Loudoun Water
• David Primozich, Senior Director of Ecosystem Services, The Freshwater Trust
• Seth Brown, Senior Stormwater Advisor, Water Environment Federation

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