Advancing Asset Management in Your Utility: Performance, Sustainability, and Resiliency Management

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 Water utility asset management programs have been developed following the U.S. EPA, AWWA and WERF core definition of maintaining a level of service at the lowest life-cycle cost and at an acceptable risk. Most utilities, however, only incorporate performance measures into their asset management plans. A holistic approach to asset management is more beneficial because it takes into account the short and long term goals of the utility and can provide better service socially, economically, and environmentally. 

This webcast is designed to provide holistic approach for water infrastructure management that supports the three key aspects of asset management: 

• Performance (level of service), 
• Sustainability (stressed environment), and 
• Resiliency (catastrophic events). 

It will also discuss Tools and Techniques for implementing holistic water infrastructure management.


Dr. Sunil Sinha, Professor and Director SWIM Center, Virginia Tech
Walter Graf, Program Manager, Water Environment Research Foundation
Fred Edgecomb (moderator), Director of Operations and Maintenance, Rancho California Water District

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