Water Reuse in Agriculture: Update on Current WE&RF Research

This is a joint webcast with the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation.

Potential for use of recycled water for agricultural irrigation is especially promising in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world where groundwater depletion is an issue. However, this potential remains underutilized due to various challenges and impediments to agricultural reuse. To address this need, two ongoing WE&RF research efforts aim to explore and recommend ways to overcome the challenges facing agricultural water reuse. Our speakers will highlight these WE&RF projects that focus on the use of recycled water for agricultural irrigation.

The first project, State of Irrigated Agricultural Water Reuse – Impediments and Incentives (Reuse-15-08) assembles a global inventory of successes, delays, and setbacks in the process of switching from traditional sources of irrigation water to recycled water. The second, White Paper on Groundwater Replenishment with Recycled Water on Agricultural Lands (Reuse-16-03) will assimilate the relevant knowledge from three similar types of practices: groundwater recharge on agricultural land with surface water, urban groundwater recharge with recycled water, and agricultural water reuse projects. The results of these research projects will provide guidance and help facilitate removal of impediments to implementation of effective incentives for use of recycled water for agricultural irrigation.


Dr. Kara Nelson, Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Dave Richardson, PE, RMC, now part of Woodard & Curran

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