Attaining Measurable Results in the Water and Wastewater Industry: Case Studies of Effective ISO Standard Application

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Many utilities are on constant journeys to be more effective and efficient. They set about to create new cultures and to find better ways to deliver superior service to their customers. In order to accomplish these goals, they strive to create cultures where old practices are questioned, innovation is rewarded, and change is not something to fear.

Although much has been done to improve overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness in our industry, there is much more to do to bring it further along the improvement continuum.

This presentation will discuss the use of three different ISO Standards in the Water and Wastewater Industry (9000 Series for Quality Management, 14000 Series for Environmental Management, and 55000 Series for Asset Management), all designed to ensure that the management, operations, and maintenance of water and wastewater utilities are being performed in a highly efficient, effective, and standardized manner. The presentation will also discuss potential pitfalls to avoid and benefits to obtain, as experienced by three major utility organizations from around the country.


  • Lewis Harrison, Collection System Division Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Wastewater Enterprise
  • Anas Malkawi, Chief of Asset Management, Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • De Nona Paden, Performance Manager, Charlotte Water
  • Ryan Nagel, PE, ENV SP (moderator), Asset and Utility Management Practice Leader, Hazen and Sawyer

There will be up to 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) offered for this webcast. Please check with your state accreditation agency to determine if you qualify.