Go with the Flow - Making the Water Sector the Employer and Profession of Choice

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This webcast is third in a four part Workforce Webcast Series focusing on different workforce issues. The webcast series and was developed as part of the final project for the Water Leadership Institute (WLI). Each webcast consists of different sections developed by different groups.

This webcast will consist of two components lasting 45 mins each. Please find the information for each section below. The order of the presentation is as follows:

  • Flow Into and Throughout the Water Community: Innovative Ways Water Sector Careers are Evolving
    • In order to recruit and retain talent in the Water Sector, innovation is needed to redefine and change the perception of what it means to be in public service. The Water Sector’s critical role in society is the basis of a meaningful profession which creates opportunities for career development with a positive impact on the community.
  • Retain your Rockstars: A Manager's Guide to Developing a Healthy Work Culture
    • This section will highlight four fundamental building blocks for developing a culture of employee satisfaction: work-life balance, employee engagement, professional development, and higher purpose. This section will also describe how a culture of engagement can help to retain high performers along with attracting new ones.

There will be 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) offered for this webcast. Please check with your state accreditation agency to determine if you qualify.