Communicating about Emerging Contaminants in Biosolids

This workshop will provide the practical tactics needed to engage on the urgent communications needs around emerging contaminants, with a focus on PFAS. Participants will learn about the fundamentals and techniques of public health risk communications and crisis communications, and how to apply them in the water sector. The workshop will provide a window into the responses to recent biosolids concerns around the country, such as in Maine, and share valuable lessons learned. Participants will be presented with a toolkit of resources that can used to conduct communications on biosolids and emerging contaminants, including for the media, digital, advocacy, and public engagement. This workshop will be led by national experts in risk, crisis, and biosolids communications.

This live workshop was recorded on May 12, 2020. This product consists of the workshop recording (approx. 2h45m total) as well as materials provided during the event.

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