Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – What is the New Normal during a time of Crisis and Beyond?

This webcast will identify some key vulnerabilities and challenges in today’s utility management environment. We will have several utilities address these issues and provide some thoughts and tools that organizations can utilize to deal with their vulnerabilities and challenges. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Cultural shifts, communications and messaging flexibility, psychology and evolving attitudes, including growing tensions between onsite essential workers and remote workers
  • Limited numbers of specific essential workers (particularly those with required certifications and licenses) and concerns on what to do if a group of essential staff are affected by the crisis
  • Stress and its effect on employees - more retirements and loss of institutional knowledge in a time when hiring is difficult and remote working limits knowledge sharing and training, less retirements but people not able to work efficiently, dealing with various caretaker issues while trying to work remotely, etc.
  • Types of people, processes and technologies needed, and what has been (and can be) done quickly to meet these needs


  • Gwen Ruff – Columbus Water Works
  • Jeanette Klamm – Johnson County Wastewater
  • Cello Vitasovic – 9danalytics
  • Michael McGrath – Fairfax County
  • Richard Gerstberger – Tap Resource Development Group
  • Rhonda Harris (moderator) – Brown and Caldwell

There will be up to 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) offered for this webcast. Please check with your state accreditation agency to determine if you qualify. The PDH instructions will be sent to all attendees 24 hours after the webcast has ended.