Best of WEFTEC 2010 – Energy Management and Conservation Practices


This hot topic WEFTEC session, made into a webcast, focuses on energy conservation measures and best management practices for water and wastewater treatment utilities. The three presentations chosen for this webcast address innovative energy conservation and management methods, practices and tools, and include case studies of energy conservation practices at wastewater facilities.


Phil Zahreddine, U.S. EPA and Steve Couture, Cadmus
Because energy consumption for municipal wastewater treatment accounts for 15% to 30% of the operating cost at large treatment facilities and 30% to 40% at small facilities, and energy costs continue to rise, the U.S. EPA has increasingly focused on energy issues at wastewater treatment plants. This presentation summarizes a U.S. EPA project, in partnership with The Cadmus Group and HDR, that identifies and evaluates innovative energy conservation methods implemented at wastewater utilities in the U.S., and reports on their effectiveness in achieving reductions in energy use and costs associated with wastewater treatment.

Chuck Rogers, City of Thousand Oaks
The City of Thousand Oaks’ Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant (HCTP) is seen by its City Council and the citizens it serves as a unique community asset. The presentation title, $25.45, is the City’s monthly sewer service charge for a single family residence, which reflects the City’s pride in its environmental efforts, and in this instance, celebrating the creation of an environmental and financially sustainable community asset at HCTP. The focus of the presentation is on HCTP and how energy conservation, facility optimization, and renewable energy generation has dramatically improved plant operations while keeping the monthly sewer service charge stable for the foreseeable future. 

Bill Toffey, Effluential Synergies LLC
This presentation outlines how energy management planning can accomplish dual goals of energy self-sufficiency and optimum treatment processing, and how this provides robust performance and acceptable payback on investment, leading to net zero energy wastewater operations.

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