Fundamentals of Preliminary Treatment


This fundamental course gives an overview of the components of the preliminary treatment process at a typical wastewater treatment plant. After completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe safety concerns associated with preliminary treatment operations
  • Explain the purpose and components of preliminary treatment, and how and where they fit into the overall wastewater treatment process
  • Identify the various types of screening equipment, their functions, and the proper method of disposing of the material that is collected
  • Describe and discuss the principles of operation of the various types of grit removal systems
  • Understand the purpose of grit removal
  • Describe the major components of septage-receiving stations and how they function
  • Identify potential odor sources in a preliminary treatment system and alternatives for controlling the odors
  • Discuss the common methods of flow measurement and flow management
  • List the purpose and principles of operation of comminutors and grinders
The suggested number of CEUs for this course are 0.3, or 3.0 contact hours.
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